Well, here we are. April 16th. It would be Bryan’s 27th birthday. It is with a heavy heart that I write & dedicate this post to our sweet friend Bryan aka Augustus Klein, who passed away on the 3rd of April. It is still hard for me to believe, even though I just typed out that sentence. A long time friend of mine and to so many others, Bryan was unlike anyone I have met in my life, nor will meet. Everyone in East Longmeadow knew Bryan. Seeing the many familiar faces at his wake & funeral were just a testament to how many people loved, respected, and admired him.

Thanks to Molly Sue for this photo.

Thanks to Molly Sue for this photo.

This classic Sunter face is how I still picture him in my mind (yes, prior to the mustache days). I can still hear “heyyyy guyssss”, chickity doink, him crooning “Meatwaaad”, the sound of a PBR opening first thing in the morning, and his unmistakable laugh. It was impossible to keep a straight face when you heard that laugh. That was part of Bryan’s charm, he had a way of bringing light to any situation, shrugging it off, and moving forward. To say that he lived freely is an understatement- if Bryan had an idea in his head, he would go for it. Fiercely.

I know nobody is especially skilled at coping with grief, but putting down some thoughts here is part of my process. As much as I enjoy posting about food, yoga, and sunsets, it’s therapeutic for me to write about emotional events occurring in my life as well. The relationships we cultivate in our lives are what makes it worth living.  Thank you for reading my small tribute that barely scrapes the surface of the sort of man Bryan was. Reminiscing with my high school friends brought back so many smiles, and I’ll especially keep the memories of our beach trips to Old Lyme and the Cape Cod weekend close to my heart. We love you so much Bryan.


unnamedThank goodness for green plants! And, the sun. I am hoping this week won’t bring as much snow as currently anticipated. Or, none at all would work for me too. Today I’m looking forward to getting into the studio, seeing my students, and getting my sweat on. YES.

Had the opportunity to catch up with Ira the other night, which was wonderful and also unexpected! Those type of texts to make last-minute plans are often the best. No expectations. We had dinner at Wicked where I devoured this bacon cheddar burger. Sometimes, a girls just gotta eat a burger.

unnamedEnjoying making plenty of juices lately and still eating all the citrus I can get my hands on. Makes me feel better about cold March. And eating fries… : )

unnamedI’m signing off for today with a heavy heart. Sending all my positive & healing thoughts out to a special friend of mine who was in a car accident over the weekend. Please pull through Bryan, we all love you and your limitless energy. Your rare talent to bring light into any situation. Thinking about the times we spent at the beach, both in Connecticut and on the Cape. Making rock cairns, eating hot dogs, you trying to get into a restaurant without shoes on…time to power up guys.


Perks of being a yoga teacher.

Slacking on my postings! The last week of February Matt & I went to Florida, then hopped on a cruise for 3 days in the Bahamas with his parents, sister, and brother in law. Beaches and warm weather, don’t mind if I do!

Anything would have been a welcome change from the cold of Massachusetts, and we had a great time relaxing in the sun. Felt funny to wear a bathing suit one day, and see snow the next! Come on Spring : )

Hey hey! I’m alive! I was struck by a nasty virus last week, spent many days in my dark bedroom, drifting in and out of sleep, yikes. It was not a pretty sight. Happily, I am feeling much better today and hope this week will be back to normal with shifts at EMS, 90 minutes teaching on the podium with my students, and sweating it out in yoga class. Here’s a smattering of all the things I’ve been up to…both pre & post virus : ) Yes, including my birthday (!). I’ve made a lot of juices lately in an attempt to drink lots of fluids and crush my citrus craving…yum.

Stay healthy my dear readers.

A good message to keep in mind, especially in the dull of January, yes? When all you really want to do is stay inside, wearing pajamas, and not talk to anyone all day (guilty). Here’s some pics from my latests adventures, including my short stint dog sitting, and oh yea- I got a new phone!

I’m the happy owner of the Google Nexus 5, if anyone reading out there is into phones. This purchase is a pretty huge deal for me (tech phobe) and all whom communicate with me on a daily basis. Feels great to be (a little bit) more up to date.  And, I like taking photos with it, naturally.

Stay warm, friends! Or at least enjoy hibernating…

IMG_0482Hello friends! What’s going on? I have been up to the same ole. Practicing & teaching Bikram yoga, drinking lots of coffee, making breakfast foods any time of day, taking in some quality sunsets, and baking blondies. I guess that’s me in a nutshell.

Blondie that started it all...

Blondie that started it all…

Snapshot of my life.

Snapshot of my life.

All the classics, thanks to Moonakis Cafe.

All the classics, thanks to Moonakis Cafe.

Doing a little dog sitting this weekend, so stay tuned for a picture of Captain! Super cute fluffy pup : )

I didn’t leave the house all day. I DID shovel! I did not shower. I did spend almost an hour on the phone with my best friend. I didn’t go to yoga. I did write a bunch of cards to mail out tomorrow. I didn’t do any laundry. Or cooking. I DON’T regret one second of it all.

Inviting? (nope)

Inviting? (nope)



It's there...somewhere.

It’s there…somewhere.

Happy 2014 everybody! Take time to relax & do what you love to do.


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