unnamedHappy Monday everyone! I’m here to share some pictures of my weekend spent with Adrianne in Boston. She invited me to go see The Kooks with her, and they put on a great show. I enjoyed spending time in the city, totally commitment free. Oh, is this what it feels like to have weekends off? I’ll take it. You’re reading a post done by one happy gal who recently left her retail job. Hello, freedom & more time spent with my passion: yoga.

The more beverages at a meal, the better, right? The Trident is one of my favorites places to get food, look at books, and buy cards when I visit Boston. Everything I love combined in one spot. Perfection. Thank you Adrianne for hosting me and being my friend. Great weekend!

unnamedI love having summer visitors! Andrew came here for a much-needed weekend of fun in the outdoors. We camped at Nickerson State Park, biked the Rail Trail up to Wellfleet, and spent an afternoon in Provincetown. The weather was PERFECT. Life is good by the ocean! I love fires, salt water, smores, sunshine, and Andrew. Enough said.

unnamedI may not be in touch with many friends from my college years, but I am happy that Andrew and I have maintained our friendship. I’m a lucky gal! : )


unnamedGood afternoon! I’m blogging from my parent’s house in East Longmeadow- I love being home for a few days to have a little mental break from my daily life on the Cape. No retail shift, no class to teach, just a day to relax & catch up a bit. Soon I’m heading out to meet up with Molly for din din : )

I haven’t shared a few photos from when Matt, Adrianne, and I went to the Boston Calling music festival together. We spent the day in Boston, enjoying the music and the sunshine (which later turned into a bit of rain, but not bad at all). It was fun, but man was I tired by the end of it…a lot of standing!

The other evening after I got out of work, Matt & I took a little beach walk to enjoy the lasting daylight. Hello, June!

unnamed unnamedI’m still daydreaming about the green enchiladas & black beans I made for dinner a few weeks ago. These will both be made again soon.unnamedMade any tasty dinners lately? Do share!

It was a perfect weekend. I’m so slow on sharing my pictures from that weekend…please excuse! I reunited with Lauren & Emily, my two East Coast gals from Bikram Teacher Training. What do they say, those that suffer together, stick together? Those that sweat together, stay together? Either way, both are true.

The weather was beautiful, even though rain was predicted, taking Emily’s class at the Portsmouth Bikram studio was a treat, and of course it was wonderful to just chat with the girls.


Portsmouth reminded me of Northampton, with a bit of Falmouth thrown into the mix. Charming downtown area with lots of shops, coffee shops, awesome food at every turn, good people watching…everything that I love. We had lunch at Popovers on the Square, where I had this raspberry peach lemonade. Dinner was at Flatbread Company, which is a place I would probably frequent weekly if I had one nearby. Did I take a picture of my pizza? Nope…too fixated on my salad with the seaweed/sesame seed topping!

If you visit Portsmouth, may I recommend stopping at Gus & Ruby Letterpress for amazing, beautiful stationary? I easily spent a solid half hour in there inspecting each card. I was enamored!

10268465_10100417494075680_4717120524068288922_nThanks to these two lovely ladies for the good times- I felt like I was on a mini vacation. Happy Friday friends & thanks for reading!

unnamedAnother one of my ‘dead tired yet feel wide awake’ post-teaching nights. Perhaps you wonder what else I enjoy besides yoga yoga yoga? Here’s some pictures of my adventures lately around town, a place I love so dearly. Lots of beauty around Falmouth! And delicious food. I feel like I should write a tourist guide book to Falmouth. I’m sort of in the know…

Thank goodness for sunshine, warm days, hearing the waves roll onto the beach, and smelling the salty air. I love it all.

unnamedSometimes after teaching Bikram (especially two classes back to back), I get a crazy energy boost. Even though I think I’m going to be dead tired, I get home, eat, hydrate, then feel wide awake. Like right now…So, I figured it was as good a time as any to make a little post of random things I’ve been up to.

Oh yeah, Easter happened! I loved spending the day with my loved ones. Simple as that. Although, I will admit, I missed my brother being there a little bit. And of course, I would have enjoyed seeing more of my cousins.

Other highlights lately include: going to see The Mowgli’s perform, watching The Book of Mormon in Boston (laughed so hard I was crying at one point), this juice I made that was so frothy you could float an ice cube on it (the secret ingredient is pears!), I majorly cleaned my room, and, the daffodils are everywhere. You guys know I am a daffodil nut! Tulips need to step up their game around here…I’ve been looking!

Insanely gorgeous theatre.

Insanely gorgeous theatre.

unnamedI hope you are all enjoying the sights & smells of Spring. Love you!

Well, here we are. April 16th. It would be Bryan’s 27th birthday. It is with a heavy heart that I write & dedicate this post to our sweet friend Bryan aka Augustus Klein, who passed away on the 3rd of April. It is still hard for me to believe, even though I just typed out that sentence. A long time friend of mine and to so many others, Bryan was unlike anyone I have met in my life, nor will meet. Everyone in East Longmeadow knew Bryan. Seeing the many familiar faces at his wake & funeral were just a testament to how many people loved, respected, and admired him.

Thanks to Molly Sue for this photo.

Thanks to Molly Sue for this photo.

This classic Sunter face is how I still picture him in my mind (yes, prior to the mustache days). I can still hear “heyyyy guyssss”, chickity doink, him crooning “Meatwaaad”, the sound of a PBR opening first thing in the morning, and his unmistakable laugh. It was impossible to keep a straight face when you heard that laugh. That was part of Bryan’s charm, he had a way of bringing light to any situation, shrugging it off, and moving forward. To say that he lived freely is an understatement- if Bryan had an idea in his head, he would go for it. Fiercely.

I know nobody is especially skilled at coping with grief, but putting down some thoughts here is part of my process. As much as I enjoy posting about food, yoga, and sunsets, it’s therapeutic for me to write about emotional events occurring in my life as well. The relationships we cultivate in our lives are what makes it worth living.  Thank you for reading my small tribute that barely scrapes the surface of the sort of man Bryan was. Reminiscing with my high school friends brought back so many smiles, and I’ll especially keep the memories of our beach trips to Old Lyme and the Cape Cod weekend close to my heart. We love you so much Bryan.



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